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5/13 Top 3 Career Tips from Jessica

If you’ve been following along with me here for a while, then you know I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s what led me to start my first business in college, selling my very own make-up line, Dramatic Designs, and expand it to campuses all over the country. It’s was led me to landing a coveted position at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and being a make-up artist for top celebrities and fashion brands. And it’s what led me here, creating timeless color cosmetics that pays homage to my roots.

When I visit college campuses to share my story and my cosmetics collection, sorority women often ask what my secret to success has been and what advice I could offer, so they too can land exciting opportunities in the working world.

To me, there are three things that every college student or graduate should keep in mind as they start pursuing their careers, and while they might sound cliche, to me it’s truth.

  1. Be passionate. First and foremost, it’s essential to find something you love to do so much you’d be willing to do it for free, work nights and weekends, and always show enthusiasm for. That tenacity, work ethic, and passion is one of the most attractive qualities to a potential employer. Bring that kind of energy to your interviews and infuse it into your work, and you’ll always find success. Get to work early, always be learning, and bring your A game every single day.

  2. Be consistent. Your work experiences are golden especially when they’re on a resume. So be thoughtful and strategic about the opportunities you say yes to. And ask yourself, is this going to be career building? Is it going to help me grow personally and professionally? Is it going to give me the right tools and experiences to excel at my dream job? Make choices and take positions that are going to move you forward, not set you back. And when a potential employer looks at your resume they want to see direction, a thoughtful and consistent career journey that shows focus and commitment.

  3. Be balanced. When you’re passionate about something, it’s easy to fall into the trap of compromising your health and happiness. (And from someone who’s made this mistake, it’s an important lesson to learn!) That’s why I highly recommend striving for a work/life balance. You can be someone who looks for growth opportunities at work, while also taking care of your personal growth in your own life. Doing so ensures that you not only nourish your whole self, but also show up as the best version of you at work. This is what I like to call “working smart.” Striking a balance between finding efficiency and speed to advance your professional life, without sacrificing your personal life.

I love sharing this advice (and lots more!) with the college girls I meet on my visits, and very often they ask if they can come to New York City and intern for me. I always welcome this! As we’re heading into the summer months I’ll take you under my wing and groom you for the career you’re looking for. It’s my pleasure to guide and mentor young women as they embark on this every exciting and overwhelming moment in their lives.

If you’re looking for a summer internship, I’m taking applications now! I’m looking for amazing talent to help me run elements of VINTAGE Cosmetics. Please email me your resume if interested to:

xo Jess 

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