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2/6 Roses & Chocolate for Your Cheeks

In my 20+ years in the beauty industry, I’ve learned that the #1 thing a woman wants is naturally luminous, fresh looking skin. The kind that makes her whole face come to life. It’s that glow that people notice and compliment, while wondering what the secret is.

Is her skin just THAT amazing?
Does she eat a really clean diet?
Did she get a facial recently?
She must be getting work done!

I’ve found that many women believe that luminous skin is a challenge to accomplish; or that they have to spend a ton of money to get it. The truth is, any woman can have it, affordably and in seconds.

Yes, seconds.

All it takes is the right highlighter, and your face can go from flat to fabulous with the swipe of a fluffy brush. In fact, I created the Illuminating Face Highlighter for this reason, and it’s been our #1 best seller ever since.

It’s a product women can wear every single day. Alone. Over blush. On the cheekbones. Right before a date. Right before a meeting. Or just to freshen up.

Which is why so many of my lovely customers demanded additional shades to play with!

While it traditionally is only available in Crystal Pink and Rose Gold, I developed a limited edition Illuminating Face Highlighter Set that showcases two NEW colors together: Rose Quartz + Chocolate Diamond.

Let me tell you why these two new shades are so amazing.

The Rose Quartz is a medium toned silver plum pink. And the Chocolate Diamond is a medium toned cocoa gold. Both can be worn by any skin tone adding just the right touch of radiance and color to the face.

Rose Quartz is gorgeous when paired with blush and Chocolate Diamond can also be used over face powder delivering a Malibu beach finish to the face (without the orange!) Can I get a hallelujah?!!

Just like the original highlighter, this duo feels creamy to the touch while having a light powder consistency. Magical, I know!

Explore my Limited Edition Illuminating Face Highlighter Set.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Why does having luminous, glowing skin matter to you? Or if you’ve tried this product, what did you think?

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Michelle Burnstein

March 29, 2017

You can definitely get a hallelujah from me! I’m more than a little excited to get that “Malibu look” without any orange!!! How spectacular! I’m a little sad that the rose quartz and chocolate diamond are limited edition. I LOVE your descriptions and explanations as to how and why things work together. Once again, I am in awe of your expertise and willingness to share your beauty secrets with us. I cannot wait to try these! Thank you.

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