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1/1 Meet Living Vintage

Happy 2017!

New and exciting things are happening over here at the VINTAGE Cosmetics headquarters, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to give you the juicy details.

  1. We started a blog, Living Vintage. For the first time, I’ll be sharing my advice on beauty, make-up, and lifestyle all in one place so that you have everything you need to feel pretty and polished everyday.
  2. Starting this month, I’ll be making myself available as your personal make-up advisor (details to come on Thursday!). Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to receive a few free gifts throughout January, so stay tuned.

Over the past 20+ years as a celebrity make-up artist and cosmetics developer, I’ve been lucky enough to make a career out of my passion: to help women feel pretty in their own skin. I love witnessing a woman’s disposition shift the moment she sees her face with touches of beautiful make-up...

Her smile widens.
Her eyes brighten.
And I can tell she feels beautiful.

When a woman feels pretty, she shines. THIS is the moment I live for.

I launched VINTAGE Cosmetics to give women easy access to this experience each and every day. By creating a collection with all of the essentials, you have wearable make-up designed to highlight your natural beauty. Small, powerful touches truly produce major results.

Eyeshadow palettes that brighten and define the eyes.  Face powders that illuminate the skin and deliver the perfect glow.  And glosses that sparkle with just a touch of color on the lips. I believe that the right make-up makes feeling pretty, easy. And that’s what I want for you this year.

Stay tuned for my email on Thursday, where the very first gift will be revealed.



Michelle Burnstein

March 29, 2017

I have always had the same love of makeup that you describe. You have created a truly perfect collection. I am quite certain that your blog will become my new beauty bible. I just went backward and have ended my journey here. Thank you for introducing me to the loveliest, most carefully curated, most impeccably researched collection on the market. Your heart and soul shine in this collection. Your tips are a gift. Your products are second to none. Thank you.

melissa dorton

January 09, 2017

I love your highlighter in rose quartz. I wear it alone all the time. Everything about your products is beautiful. I can’t wait to see what products you will come out with next.

Melissa iobbi

January 03, 2017

Congrats Jessica!!!on your Living Vintage Blog!!!xo

Cori Stelzer

January 03, 2017

Jess, I’m so proud of you! From the Syracuse dorms where you tweezed my brows … to Dramatic Designs where you introduced me to the importance of lipstick … to Bobbi Brown and the sparkle of the shimmer brick … to Vintage, your own incredible line and now your own blog… Jess, you truly are amazing ❤️ Beautiful inside and out! As always I’m looking forward to your beauty tips and watching you shine ?

clare vanepps

January 03, 2017

Sounds like a wonderful way to start a new year! looking forward to the blog….

Naz Hinman

January 03, 2017

I Love ur makeup!! Would love for u to do an “Ipsy” type monthly club! Just an idea!

Sara D'Alelio

January 03, 2017

Is your eye makeup hypoallergenic? I truly love your face powder! In a few sweeps, it lifts brightens up my whole face!!

Shanan Austin

January 03, 2017

I own one of the Vintage highlights and it’s as absolutely amazing!
I use it when I’m going for that subtle look.
Very soft and beautiful.
Easy to blend and true to color.
It’s definitely a work of art!
I look forward to trying and owning more of these awesome products.

Tammy Hinds

January 03, 2017

Yeah!!!!! I only have a couple Vintage items but, love them! I look forward to adding more ✌?

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