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4/1 Flower Power

I often joke that if I wasn’t the owner of a cosmetics company, I’d open up a flower shop. Because ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had such a love for the color, fragrance, and presence of fresh blooms. Who doesn’t?

Growing up in Southern California, my family had the most beautiful rose bushes in our garden. And my mom would always snip them, put them in bowls, and have floating flowers all throughout the house. Surrounding herself with soft shades of pink, white and lavender was important to her. She used to say, “Nothing makes me calmer than when my flowers are in.”

From my perspective, they just made everything look and feel better. And the scents… so yummy and delicious! So it should come as no surprise that I fell in love with flowers too, and continue this ritual in my own way.

Each week, I buy a variety of bouquets from roses to peonies to stargazer lilies and create thoughtful arrangements that I spread throughout my apartment. It’s a fun, creative, and calming process for me; one that I sometimes compare to the development a cosmetic product. Simply because it’s all about the vision, creation and ultimately the enjoyment of the end result!

In fact, when I started creating the VINTAGE brand, I channeled my love of flowers. You’ll notice that I even gave a few products floral-inspired names, specifically the Sparkling Lipgloss in Rosebud, the Velvet Lip Crayon in Vintage Rose and Pink Lily, and the Blush & Brighten Face Palette in Blossom/Poppy.

Every color in the VINTAGE collection was inspired by the tones naturally found in a woman’s skin (and from shades of pink in my favorite flowers!) to perfectly enhance your already-there beauty.

If you’re on the hunt for make-up that brings an extra touch of pretty to your skin, explore the collection here, and let me know what your favorite flowers are! I’d love to hear all about in the comments below.

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