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1/9 A Peek Behind the Scenes at Vintage

While most pre-teens were falling in love with New Kids on the Block in the 80’s, I fell head over heels for make-up.

You see, I spent many-a-Saturday morning with my mom at her favorite salon, mesmerized as make-up artists applied her favorite Spungold Red lipstick, contoured her cheeks, and dabbed highlighter under her arched brows.

My mother’s face was their masterpiece, and I wanted in on the glamour. Fast forward to high school and I had become the unofficial make-up artist to my friends before big events, pulling from my growing collection of eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, and more.

Applying make-up was fun, and I loved the artful process of enhancing a girl’s best features and making her feel pretty.

This love affair quickly became my ambition, and I launched my first make-up line in college (yes, college!): Dramatic Designs Cosmetics. And later, I officially began my career in the industry as part of beauty legend Bobbi Brown’s global product development team.

By 2010, I had led the creation of best-selling make-up formulations, traveled the world as a brand ambassador, became a celebrity make-up artist, worked for Estee Lauder, and was even the beauty correspondent for Fox News Channel. I knew I was ready to break out on my own to live my biggest dream: creating an extraordinary collection of color cosmetics. Within just a few years, VINTAGE by Jessica Liebeskind was born (or VINTAGE Cosmetics as some like to call it).

I named the brand “vintage” because the best vintage pieces never go out of style. To me, original items are created with heart, integrity, and mastery--three elements that I poured into the process of crafting each and every aspect of the VINTAGE collection.

From the color recipe of my sparkling lipglosses (Pink Sequin happens to be my favorite!) that I worked tirelessly with my chemist to perfect, to the floral design on the packaging that was sketched time after time until it was just right, every single piece of VINTAGE was thoughtfully developed.

I’d love for you to take a moment to explore the collection here.  I know you’ll find something that’s perfect for you.


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Michelle Burnstein

March 29, 2017

I have been going backward reading your blog posts. The more I read and learn (and drool) the more I fall deeply in love. Your heart and soul, together with unsurpassed experience in the beauty industry, have brought you to this point. Vintage is the best of the best. You’ve seen and done it all. Now it’s your turn to create the things your heart has desired from the time you were young. The best part is that we get to reap the benefits! I’m more than excited to be a Vintage girl. Simply impeccable! Thank you!

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