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Get flushed cheeks with a fresh, matte finish. Jessica’s silky-smooth BLUSH & BRIGHTEN FACE PALETTE sweeps on skin, easily revealing a beautifully blushed glow or a pop of pretty color. Designed to be worn separately or together, this colorful duo features the perfect everyday neutral and a statement-making bright for gorgeous style and color-true wear.

Apply the NEUTRAL BLUSH to the apples of your cheeks with the POWDER BLUSH BRUSH. Start by blending down and then go back toward the hairline to blend and soften — like an oversized checkmark. Add Jessica’s signature pop by going over the neutral shade with the BRIGHT BLUSH.

• Choose the BLUSH PALETTE that most resembles the color of your cheeks when blushing or flushed from exercise.
• If you have to work at getting the NEUTRAL BLUSH to blend into your skin, it’s the wrong color.
• Layer a “pop” of BRIGHT BLUSH over a neutral shade to help increase wear and add extra life to the skin.
• A “pop” of pretty BRIGHT BLUSH looks great alone, especially in very hot and very cold months.
• Blush should never match a person’s lipstick or gloss color, but it should always be complementary.

Blossom: Neutral dusky-pink
Poppy: Bright poppy-pink

Pink Coral: Neutral pinky-coral
Flamingo: Bright punchy-peach